Betting Bookmakers

Bookmaker ladbrokes Ladbrokes is another brand that is sure took a course on the Russian market and other Russian-speaking post-Soviet states. But unlike other companies tried unsuccessfully to break for Ladbrokes is not difficult, as the company is a giant and the progenitor of bookmaking, which are recognized throughout the world! Ladbrokes represents one of the oldest offices in the world. History of the office has more than 120 years. The company was established in the 19th century, in 1886, by some gentlemen and since then has successfully developed and managed to gain popularity in countries such as Spain, Ireland and of course England.

With the advent of the Internet firm received even more widespread and now its value in many countries around the world. As befits all first rate gambling establishments, the company's website under the brand presented Ladbrokes Casino Ledbrouks, poker room, slot machines and backgammon, which, like Bookmaker Ladbrokes, are leaders in the gaming industry. Gambling products Ledbrouks able to attract in the aggregate more than 800 million active customers worldwide. Despite the development of Internet technology, the company does not forget about offline offices. She is still a huge amount of betting shops (more than 2800 ground points), while in the company employs more than 14,000 people. Betting shops are located, naturally, in the UK, as well as such countries as Ireland, Belgium and Spain. Due to its popularity and success of the company was on the London Stock Exchange. Shares of the company have great quotes and trading for many years.

Since 2000, the firm operates online, has its own site with a convenient and practical interface. But for a long time Russian version of the site did not exist, but the company has adopted a resolute decision to go to Russian-speaking market, so py-players got a full version of the website in Russian and online support. The design is not only convenience, but also the beauty of execution over which bother "costly" designers. Many players are attracted to that office appearance, evidenced by the amount of time they spend on the website. This resource is available in twenty-six languages. The site also has the function of self-restraint. Just turn it and people will be able to limit their bets. This is very useful for those who suffer from gambling addiction, or do not know their real "opportunities" and wants to play it safe. Ladbrokes suggests one account, from which you can visit not only online bookmaker.

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