Bike Racing

Any party knows the situation: the kids are grown and out of the house, but now what to do with the freedom recovered? Play golf? Too young! There was still a passion that has been neglected in the past 25 years. But right now rise through the mild winter and the first sunny days the thought of 25 years ago sold for family reasons motorcycle. The ultimate feeling of freedom and independence. This would not it! The re-entry into the world of motorcycling is not to rush and it takes a lot of precautions: The first is the right equipment. For this purpose, certainly not heard of the dusty helmet or the old leather pants, which is brought out of the closet in the basement. Helmets for high security requirements are already manageable investment for a central insurance for health. The cheap new helmet is in any case a better alternative to dusty helmet from the 90s. Who thinks they have to sit down in jeans or western leather pants on a motorcycle, has probably had the wrong consultant. Meanwhile, the market offers a wide range of textile and leather clothing for motorcyclists in all colors and trends.

Note the secure fit of the clothing: it brings in the event of damage, significant disadvantages when the motorcycle combination of 1.90 meters neighbors though somehow fits, but the knee protectors sit on the shins and the carapace longer protects the buttocks as the back. Of essential importance is undoubtedly the right choice of motorcycle. The old motorcycle it borrow neighbors in order once again to sniff two-wheel air also appears on second glance not to be the right decision. A travel motorcycle without required safety equipment is not recommended for re-entry. Accordingly, offer a modern chassis as well as anti-lock braking systems (ABS), a minimum standard of requirements for the proper re-entry. But the old leather saddle bags with strap closure thing of the past.

Modern case systems are firmly attached to the motorcycle, are easy to use and offer even at higher speeds firm hold and safe transport. To enjoy maximum comfort and safety, the choice usually falls on a motorcycle from BMW. ABS as a fundamental requirement, Paralever / Telelever suspension and a solid case system provide the required level of security. In addition, for example, shines the BMW GS with a relaxed seating position for an excellent overview of the road. For re-entry into the world of motorcycle travel initially offers the rental of a motorcycle so that the new hobby is not immediately connected with escalating costs, to discover later that it would prefer to be the sport of golf. The rent offers the driver the opportunity without large financial commitment to sniff Motorcycle. Rent-a-boxer let you travel BMW motorcycles ready for any trip within the EU. All bikes are equipped with the necessary safety equipment and matching luggage systems

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