Bowling Game

On the ground floor of the entertainment complex located bowling. Bowling - it's not only an interesting game, but also a great chance to be in a relaxed atmosphere, combining all the general entertainment company. In our
club organized for you six new tracks in the main game room and 4 in the VIP-lounge. Different color and weight balls fit anyone. The relaxed atmosphere is likely to appeal to any type, whether family outing, a friendly hike or corporate event. We conduct workshops and tournaments in the game of bowling among amateurs and professionals. You can arrange a championship team. Qualified jury will appreciate the skills of your game. Get the Audience Award for the will and faith in victory - really! Rewards get players who twice made ??the "focus" in the form of commission strike, is presented every 0.5 glass of Czech beer from the institution. Specific rules and etiquette of the game in bowling make this sport and leisure particularly attractive.

Do not be afraid to seem a rookie, no one will laugh. Our experts will teach you the tricks that you learn very unusual way and love the game of bowling, we need only to come to your first game! Bowling - it's emotion, it's a pastime that does not require a static seat at the table. You can watch the happy faces lucky and outsiders. Victory and defeat merge together in a team of associates. Explore your company in the game! Come!

There are three methods by which you can go about selecting their goal - kegelny, point and linear. The selection of each of them depends entirely on you. Even experts differ in assessing the relative merits of these three systems, and in fact how to most effectively apply them in practice. But in general all agree that each of the three methods work well in accordance with the method described below.

Selecting a point in a track. To determine the most suit you send point in a track ball with the aim of knocking out the strike and make sure that, for whatever path he moves toward the pins. If he passes the second rangefinder located on the right side? If passed, it will be your guide. Perhaps the ball will roll over next board arrangement right or left (on one or two boards) from this EDM, then this board will serve as a guide for you. Linear bowling - a combination kegelnoy and point systems. First, the player chooses a starting place in the run-up area. Then he takes aim at 1-3 pocket and holds an imaginary line from the pocket to his stand to imagine on what path the ball will roll.

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