How To Play Soccer Betting

In Football Betting have accumulated over the years a lot of judgments or prejudices crept into the consciousness of the fans that we at this place again statistically look like. The data on which these statements are based, have been rounded for clarity.

The " home field advantage "actually exists, as every football and football betting fan guessed correctly, and is also easy to prove by analysis of any number of football results. The home team wins statistically seen around 45% of their games, around 30% of games end in a draw and only 25% of the games wins the visiting team . On average, the home team scored 2.6 goals per game. The value of the home advantage per game calculated in gates makes 0.40 goals.

When the home team wins the result is more than 60%: 1-0, 2-0 or 2-1. Win the visiting team, so account for about 70% of the results on 1-0, 2-0 or 2-1. Draw naturally accounts for a very high probability to the results 0-0, 1-1 or 2-2. Achieves the visiting team the first goal of the game, the more likely a draw to experience. If it is possible the visiting team, compensate for a residue, yet there is a high probability that the home team ultimately wins the game. So, do not panic if your team at a home game a projection temporarily loses.

Almost 1/3 of all football games go with the stand 0-0 in the mid-term break . Most only see the second Half the real action! Is the game at half time 0-0, so the chances are increased markedly to a draw, namely to see loads of the probability to win the home team. So play your team at home and at half time the level is 0-0, then this is a rather bad sign.

Does your team away and it is 45 minutes 0-0, then this is indeed a good sign, but they should not make any high hopes nonetheless. :s for it is a game at halftime 0-0, then it is extremely important that your team in the second half, the first goal shoots. If this succeeds, there is a good chance that your team decides the game for themselves. The other hand, play your team's home and is back at the break after goals, so you have to succeed in the second half of the first goal, otherwise the chances dwindle to a victory in Picayune.

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