Horse Racing

Background information about horse betting. Simply tap their toes and flat racing on the internet betting Logo. betting was launched as a horse betting platform in the year 2006. Betting specializes in the placement of horse racing in the horse and harness racing clubs and is a registered charity the officially approved Bookmakers like Unibet horse racing bets. This betting is also dedicated to horse racing in Germany as to race in England, Sweden, France, Ireland, South Africa and the United States. Customers have the option to choose on the racing calendar their race of the day and then get a full range of horse racing offered. The race calendar could be a bit clearer, because here only the places and times appear.

We found this a bit confusing, until the times for each country and then the track would be easier as we understand it. The quick bet you can start immediately. The races directly lying closest in time are displayed directly in the betting choice with all necessary information. For this bet slip out, you can also open the live stream directly. betting offers on almost all offered on the platform horse racing to a live stream. The odds are. Due to the connection to the racetracks the same as locally One can start with a bet from 0,50 € and there are a the bet types win, place bet, win / place, place twin, twin, triple or even quadruple available. The maximum bet is 1,000 euros per bet. Although the dropdown displays only 500, but you can enter 1,000 euros as a basic use.

In addition to the "normal" types of bets around the horse betting is a betting still in the so-called mega bet available. In the Mega Jackpot bet is betting, which are obtained by series betting. In the series of bets Bet "V75" it is important to bet the winner correctly in seven races for a single event. The bet must be completely discharged like any other before the start of the first of seven races. Who then 5 or 6 Tips has properly, can drive profits. The jackpots go over into the millions, and so it is with betting not uncommon to have anywhere 5-15 million every Saturday throughout the jackpot. The V of V75 itself stands for "Vinnare" (ie "victory"), where at the number 7 stands for the number of races and the number 5 for the least number of correctly predicted Tips for a profit.

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